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I want to take a moment and thank Dave Elmer for sharing these wonderful family photo's with me. My Grandparent's house burnt down when I was a kid, leaving us with very few "old" photographs. I am always on the lookout for more, so please don't hesitate to contact me if you have anything you want to share.

I realize that not everyone who views this page will be familiar with everyone shown in these photo's, so I figured I would give a brief history lesson.

Most of the people here are decendants of John and Laura Millard. Their children were, Franklin Millard, William Millard, Wallace Millard, Wesley Millard, Elizabeth Van Alstine, Julie Rose, Carrie Elmer, Rutson Millard, and Willis Millard. (Photographed here are Rutson, Elizabeth (Libby), Willis, and Wallace Millard, as well as children and grandchildren of Rutson Millard and Carrie Elmer)

If you find any photo's that you believe are mislabeled, please let me know.

You can download any of these for personnel use by clicking the select button and then the download. These are high resolution downloads and are suitable for printing. I want to stress that these are for personnel use only and are not to be sold or distributed for monetary gain. If I find that they are being misused then the download option will be removed and the gallery will be password protected. I hope these are enjoyed by all the countless decendants of John and Laura.
Ted MillardEmogene Millard, Carl Croniser, Dave Elmer, Janet & Joyce KentBill Billhardt (Grace's Brother)Bill Billhardt and Kenny MillardRon CroniserKenny Millard and Mo Gibbs (farmhand)Sharon Dowling and Ron CroniserCowsRutson and Emogene MillardDorthy Elmer and Glady KentTed MillardRutson MillardAllie and Beatrice KentGlady LeeJoyce KentCarl Croniser, Ron Croniser and Dave ElmerElizabeth (Libby) Millard-Van Alstine, Willis Millard and Susan Millard (Wallace's Wife)Ted Millard, Carl Croniser, Earl ElmerRutson MillardDave and Shirley Elmer

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Lisa Millard Kiernan ( Ken Millards daughter)(non-registered)
I want to thank you Sonia, as well as Dave Elmer. You have no idea how happy these pictures made me. My dad just loved his family so much. He would talk for hours about their times together. Looking at these pictures made me feel like I was talking to my dad, and seeing at the same time. We are so blessed to be a part of this amazing family and so grateful that I am able to share with my children as well. Thank you again !!
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